OOOOOhhhhhh time just flies by when you’re doing nuttin! 

Lets see, it’s been 2 months; 33 miners saved; 1 new mayor elected;  been trying to exercise regularly (no can do); watched the new Hawaii 5-0 and didn’t like it; embroidered bowling shirts for my sister (she thinks it’s so easy!); took care of Kawika when Dawn went to Vegas for a week (we had a good time and so did Roger, since they did the boys thing); bought more material; didn’t sew much but got material!; and, survived standby the first half of August and the second half of September.   Well, that’s 2 months in a nutshell, been watching the rescue of the Chilean miners all last night, it was amazing what people can do when they put their mind to it. 
I did do some sewing in September, I’m fixated on reusable fabric shopping bags.  And the fabric that I said I bought was so cute.  Took be a while to inspect other bags, sew some up, make some patterns and finally come up with a pattern that resembles those bags you get from the grocers.  I made Jill one and she wanted another style "so she could put it over her shoulders" .  This is the one I made for her.  And the next pic is how it closes up.  Pretty neat huh? 
Did I say that I also found time (I’m not as busy as I sound, I really like laying around doing nothing) to do an electrical job.  Seems a friend from church’s son bought a house, a fixer upper type.  He could do a lot of stuff but not the electrical.  Sounded like a small job, replace the old electrical panel for a bigger one.  I ended up almost rewiring the house.  This house was a real fixer upper, seems the old owner did a lot of electrical jobs by himself, I hate those Home Depot videos, so most were below par.  Won’t bore you with all the technical jargon but I spend at least 4 days in the attic, which was more like a crawl space.  I proud that 1) I didn’t fall through the ceiling 2) I could actually move around and figure things out 3) I didn’t fall through the ceiling.  I finally got help, asked an apprentice at work if he wanted to work with me.  He said okay and that worked out really well.  I think a couple more days and I’ll be done.  Whew, on to the next job. 
Work has been pretty much, how do I say this?  Drama!  They talk about women but men must be the worst.  They talk about each other; make sarcastic remarks to each other even me; plot and plan; think of ways to ditch work; and always talk about football bets.  I put my ipod on and do my daily crossword or surf the internet.  Such is life working with the lesser of the species.  the more I work with men, the more I believe we women are the superior gender, and my friend Kat will attest to that! 
Well, I’m looking forward to the holidays but not the pounds.  
Looking forward to seeing Alegria (Cirque du Soleil) this sunday.  Roger and I are treating our whole family, mom and sis, kids boyfriends, cuzin Ern, and aunty and uncle that lives down the street.  15 tickets for 800.00 some odd dollars.  Could have blown Roger down with a feather.  But after that shock, he was okay with it.
I’m also refurbishing a camper top for my truck, fixing the window and cleaning it up (been sitting in my front yard for about 8 months now), just have to figure out how to get it up on my truck, that’s for another day.
Will take more pics of projects, just have been lazy.
Happy Halloween & happy autumn!