New web address, new name, change is soo hard.

Seems my windows live blog will now be here anymore and they have me going to another blog site,   Change is so hard and sometimes reading instructions is also soo hard.  So keeping with the change theme, I changed the name of the blog site to Sandy’s Sewin’.  I think it’s kinda catchy and has a new feel to it.  And since I cannot read instructions good, my site address is  I didn’t take off the myblog part so it’s part of my address.  Such is life huh? Anyway, change the old happystitches site to sandysewingmyblog. 

All the upper cabinets have been removed, just the sink and the cabinet to the right are left. Next is building a wall.

Veering away from the sewing theme, I have decided to start up the kitchen renovation.  Especially since my whole family is telling people that yeah we have a half finished kitchen that my mom/wife started.  And seeing that friday is a furlough friday, and seeing that I go on standby next week already, this just felt like the right time to start up again.  I tried to get help from my friend, but he was busy working.  Asked Roger if he could built the cabinets (kit kind) since he is good with reading instructions (unlike me).  That has worked out good.

Base Cabinets

Roger made these 2 so far, he's so good at following directions.

So, today is day 1 and he put together some cabinets and I did some demolishing ( I like that part).  Only thing now I have to think how to make a double wall out of a single wall and where to put the studs so it’ll hold up the new wall micro (that we’ve been using on a cart).  Tomorrow I go to HomeDepot and buy some lumber, kitchen sink, countertop (interim before getting the granite).  Looks like rain so pray for sun tomorrow!

By the way, did I say that this all started with a water leak under the kitchen sink?  And that it looks like it’s been leaking for a while?  Anyway it was a good catalyst to start up again.