Studs are up, wall is up, micro is up!
Today we took Sunday off, after church we ate lunch, went home, and I asked hubby if he wanted to work somemore or take the day off. With a little pause, he said he was sore, tired and would like the day off. Being the good boss that I am, gave him the day off.
We worked so hard on Saturday, all day till 9:30 pm. We put up the studs (the single wall needed beefing up), that took a long time. Then we had to but the wall panel and nail them to the studs. That took a while too cause it was heavy. We got some cabinets up and then the micro. I was so exticed about the micro cause I bought it on sale to be put on the wall but had it propped up on a cart.
We still don’t have a sink yet, may take a couple days to finish since I have to go work tomorrow. So, we are doing dished in the laundry room sink. But, we do have a micro.

kitchen before


micro is up!

After (midway)