Too Bad So Sad 

My computer is not well again.  Sent it to Doc Ern and he said it doesn’t look good.  Updated it a lot but the whole thing is like 5 years old and is not responding to treatment.  The Doc said he will try to get any information out of it. 

Soooo, I bought a new CPU today.  Sale at Office Depot, old model Compaq desktop.  It’s basic but will do the job, mostly do email, copy craft instructions and other online stuff, oh and some shopping on amazon.  Price was pretty cheap, after instant rebate and a 30.00 card, came up to 250.00.  I have the flat monitor already so to me that was a deal.  Windows 7 is kinda different but looks pretty stable.  Will see after installing other stuff.  Sooo, will have to dig up all my photos in my external drive. 

Renovations is at a standstill because of the holidays.  But now that I told everyone about the kitchen renovations in the Christmas letter, everyone is asking when are they going to see it.  Should not have said anything huh? 

The weather is great after the rain storms.  The only thing good is that I was not on call and I lucked out on that. 

The guys at work surprised me by getting me a cake on my birthday.  Delicious chantilly cake from Liliha Bakery. 

  This year started slow buy went by way too fast.  I’m thinking about New Years Resolutions and one is that I’m going  to get fit this year.  Now that I’m 50-something and 60 is creeping up, now is a good as time as any.  I’ll try to fit in crafting too, that is high on the priority list. 

All good things to you and especially Good Health in this new year!