New Computer

My other computer is dead.  Had to buy another cpu from Office Depot for 300 and change.  No bells or whistles though and Windows 7.  It’s okay just different lookin and sometimes had to look for stuff I usually use in xp. 

Christmas came and went, bought a bunch of stuff for Kawika.  New Years Eve at mom’s house wasn’t too eventful either.  Some people that usually came didn’t.  We still had a lot of fireworks since next year it will be illegal.  Only regular, red paper firecrackers with a permit will be allowed.  Should have bought extra this year.  50 plus year of fireworks at new years have some to an end.  So sad.

   My friend bought this at a craft fair and I loved it!  Didn’t know what stitch it was, didn’t look exactly like crochet, loved the thickness and the strap.  Make several prototypes, different types of stitches and still didn’t look like what it supposed to.  I even had to take a picture of it so I could look at it better.  I must admit I was obsessed with this.  Finally I looked online for different types of crochet stitches and found it!  It is called the rib stitch!  I made a pattern for it called the Water Bottle Cozy.  I even made it in different yarns, cotton and regular acrylic yarn.  The acrylic version held up better but the cotton soaked in the sweat of the water bottle better and dispersed it and evaporated better, even though the cotton yarn did get out of shape faster.  The best part was the handle, I didn’t even think of that!  It was so much easier to carry around !

Here is the picture:

First 2 are made from cotton yarn, last one on right is acrylic. 

Will post the pattern when I write down the instructions, or rather find them. 

It’s been so good weather here!  Especially when I see what the weather is like on the mainland.