I’ve been making more stuff. Made a tent to fit on top of my grandson’s bed. He tried putting a small tent on top but being so flimsy, it soon fell apart, especially since he was putting blankets on top. My daughter asked me to make one out of pvc pipes, the white kinds. They have t’s and elbows so I thought it would be more sturdy. We decided not to glue it and just fit them together. It took me almost a day to figure out how long to make lengths, how to make a roof with a pitch, and where to put the bottom braces so he could easily come out.
Then when everything was fitted together, I tried it on his bed and it fit perfectly between the mattress and the wood frame. Then the next thing was to make the tent part using spare material and sheets. Cut the sheet in half lengthwise and fitted the material to the top. Pinned the sheet lengths to the top and sewed it, making the opening in the from with overlapping panels.
He was so overjoyed when he came home, he said it was awesome!