Free pattern hunt
I’m always on the hunt for free crochet patterns, and I love the japanese patterns. You have to know the symbols but basically they are all the same, usually universal. I have had success with most of them but now I found a site that has translated patterns from japanese to english. And they are so pretty. I’ve made some caps so far. Since no one I know uses crochet caps except for Jill, I’ve given them to her. Only problem is looking for the yarn or finding what is comparable, since most of my yarn is red heart. I’ve been finding Vanna’s Choice, made by Lion Brand Yarn, at Walmart and at a good price. Feels softer and the twist doesn’t unravel as fast.
This pattern above is from the Pierrot Yarn site:
And to understand the symbols, here is a very good site:

This is what the cap should look like:

I’m still looking and this is what I want to make next: