New job, promotion.

Okay, okay, I’ve been lazy at updating this blog. It seems so easy to just go on facebook and post things.
Lets see…I got a new job. Instead of electrician for traffic signals, I now inspect construction of traffic signals. It’s not as physical but lots of reading plans, scolding contractors, watching them work, paper work, and driving around. I did gain another 5 pounds which makes me kinda depressed, not really bad depressed but dissapointed in myself kind of depressed.
I now have to drive into town every other day (I carpool with another guy who got promoted with me). From Pearl City to town, which is 15 miles more each way. We leave 5:50am so not so much traffic. I do get to use an suv for work everyday and am on my own all day. I miss the banter with a partner and the conversations, and the eating out. Now I bring lunch, drive by myself, and sometime study plans in the car. Sounds like a lonely life but I do get to talk story to the construction workers.
And since I am 57 (oh no!) and not actually doing electrical work, I applied for pension from the electrical union. It came up to a little less than 700 a month. And, now I don’t have to go on call all hours of the night and day. Roger likes that. And, I’m not as tired when I come home from work. I still have to find some kind of workout to do everyday. Know I have to do it but just hate it! Oh well, good change, stimulates my brain!