Thinking of slow cooking? I am

I saw this article in the newspaper on using the slow cooker more.
This looks even easier than making your own laulau, which my co-worker taught me how to do.
Take some luau leaves (raw taro leaves, washed and stem removed) and layer in the parm of your hand.
Put in one chicken thigh, bone in, and skin on (need for the oil).
Put in a piece of salmon (skin on).
Sprinkle all with Hawaiian salt (or sea salt).
Wrap up in a bundle and wrap that in foil.
Steam in a steamer for 2-3 hours on fairly high heat, always checking the water.
That’s it! I made some and it was so good! Threw all the skin away and it was better than store bought.
Not sure how to get luau leaves in the mainland though.
I think I’ll make some for my mom!
Good eats!