I aquired this big urn left it in…

I aquired this big urn, left it in the yard for months, filled up with water from the rain, and then had to pour it out because of the mosquitos. Then I asked my mom for mosquito fish (river guppies). She always goes down to the river in the back to scoop up fish for the doggies. She’s raises them in a big bowl and puts them out a little at a time in the plastic pool outside. Her doggie (only 1 out of 3) loves to wade in it and catch the fishies. So, I asked her for some fishes and now have a bunch growing in the big pot.
At first it was nice and clear but as the fishes were introduced, and the water plants started multiplying, the algae started growing, hence the green water.
I asked my friend for a water plant, went to her house a while back and she wanted to give me one since I so admired the flowers. So, she gave me a water lily and now it’s growing in the urn (in a pot under the water).
Now I’m thinking, it should not be in direct sunlight and want to move it to the concrete step next to the front door. Only thing is, it weights a ton or 2. We will have to wait for pond cleaning day and when Roger feels especailly strong! Wish I could put it in the house, now that would be cool huh?