Love those Japanese patterns, but…


This is another Japanese pattern that you have to look on the schematics (thats what they call it) to figure out the pattern (here: ). It started okay, ch 17, hdc in 4th ch from hook, and in nxt 16, ch 2 turn. I did this until it measured 16 inches. Then it went a little fuzzy from there, I had a hard time deciphering where what should go. So I changed to color green, decided to just sc all around, doing 1 sc in each row on the side and sc in each hdc on either end. Then putting the 2 short edges together and sc thru both. At the end of the row, ch about 44 (depends how long you want it to hang). Then sl st in the other side so it loops, sl st in each ch to the other side. Tie off and weave in ends.
The flower is from the pattern, titled, motif. If this doesn’t make sense and you want to crochet it, drop me a line and I can write better instructions. I really like this and thought it was a pretty useful project. No?  Okay, what’s next?