I was intrigued by this Fairycake wagon that…

I was intrigued by this Fairycake wagon that I found on Facebook. So when I read that they were going to be on the road on Monday, I had to go and check it out. The wagon is easy to spot, they go different places everyday and you have to check their facebook post to see where.

I started off wanting to try some cakepops, not too expensive and just enough to have a taste I think it went for 2.00. But alas, no cakepops that day, only Whoopie Pies, and killer monster brownies. The brownies were like chewy blonde brownies. The whoopie pies were 2 pieces of cake with filling in the middle. They were good, not wonderfully good, but the brownies were a dream.

I ate half the brownie and saved the rest to take home for the gang. I still want to get some cakepops. Will have to wait till I find them again.