Doing crafts! Long weekend! Couldn’t get any better than this!
I saw this link that made pinheads with Plastic Shrink Film, but as I read the blog, one commenter said you could use plastic food containers with the number 6 in the triangle. Being a good Chinese daughter, I keep a lot a food containers that can be reused. Sooooo, I had a few of them.
I could not resist this DIY, since it was cheap and I had all the ingredients, #6 plastic food containers, 3/4  circular punch, pins, and BIC Mark-it permanent markers, and fine sandpaper (to sand one side of the plastic so the marking pen will adhere better).
This was a really instant gratification project.

These are about 1/4 inch wide, shrunk from 3/4 inches wide.

See how small it shrinks to? And stays on!

Okay, that was fun, now on to another project….Circular knitting loom!