I am so ready for a long weekend…

I am so ready for a long weekend. I was so fed up inspecting projects with people that think doing a mediocre job is good enough. Don’t know if it’s just lazy or just ignorance. Okay, enough of venting, on to my day today!

First of all, the usual mundane, cleaning, washing, etc.
Then it dawns on me that the fish (water lily) water is a bit mirky (aka dark, dark, green) and that I should drain out the water and refill it.
While draining it via tubing, I’m wondering how heavy it could be, especially if I drain half of the water out. This would be a good time to move the urn. I’ve been wanting to do this, especially since the summer sun is so hot! Takes about an hour to drain the water 1/2 way. Now to move this urn….Boy it’s still heavy, hmmm, less than 10 feet and one 6 inch step. I can do it, “I am woman hear me roar…”. Okay it’s heavy, put some pipe under it to semi roll it, roll, move pipe, roll. Wow that took about 1/2 hour. Now, facing the step… thinking, thinking…. how ’bout some pieces of wood to make it higher, maybe then I can lift it up and pull it into place. Boy this thing is heavy, lift, push the wood into place with my foot, lift, push it close… After another 1/2 hour of this, I finally got it high enough to lift it to the height of the step and pull it onto the concrete. Wooohoo, got it into place. Now to fill the thing up with water, and admire the fishes and water lilies. That took another 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning up, filling the water, and fine tuning the location.

After almost 3 hours, I hope these fishes and water lilies know what I do for them!

This is where it was.

New home.