Remodeled bathroom!

We got a contractor to redo our old, original, 30 year old bathroom. You could tell how old it was by the color and type of tub tiles. For the cost of it we sacrificed buying a used car. Actually we weren’t in the market for a used car but we could have for the price. In all fairness my friend says that since they promised it in 7 days, that is what you are paying for. So we got a new bathroom in 4 days, yay! And since that was the only bathtub, 4 days of showering in a makeshift outdoor shower tent (with warm water) was hitting the limit! This is the old one.


And this is the new one!


I love it! The best part is that without the tub, there is so much room. Everything looks so bright, white and clean. It was painted white, the tile was a tanish color, and the counters light. But I remembered that white means a clean slate and, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!


Just a bright shower curtain helped plus I plan on putting some posters and paintings on the walls. Just love it.

We also got rid of a linen closet that opened in the hallway but took lots of space in the bathroom. Removing the closet allowed for a bigger doorway and a roomier entrance.



The inside is nice and roomy and the corner allowed for small shelf.
My husband took the bifold doors from the outside closet and installed them to hide the small shelves in the bathroom. It turned out great! And it was totally worth the price of a new second hand truck!