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  • sandy 6:06 pm on September 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Doing crafts! Long weekend! Couldn’t get any better than this!
    I saw this link that made pinheads with Plastic Shrink Film, but as I read the blog, one commenter said you could use plastic food containers with the number 6 in the triangle. Being a good Chinese daughter, I keep a lot a food containers that can be reused. Sooooo, I had a few of them.
    I could not resist this DIY, since it was cheap and I had all the ingredients, #6 plastic food containers, 3/4  circular punch, pins, and BIC Mark-it permanent markers, and fine sandpaper (to sand one side of the plastic so the marking pen will adhere better).
    This was a really instant gratification project.

    These are about 1/4 inch wide, shrunk from 3/4 inches wide.

    See how small it shrinks to? And stays on!

    Okay, that was fun, now on to another project….Circular knitting loom!

  • sandy 5:33 pm on September 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    I am so ready for a long weekend… 

    I am so ready for a long weekend. I was so fed up inspecting projects with people that think doing a mediocre job is good enough. Don’t know if it’s just lazy or just ignorance. Okay, enough of venting, on to my day today!

    First of all, the usual mundane, cleaning, washing, etc.
    Then it dawns on me that the fish (water lily) water is a bit mirky (aka dark, dark, green) and that I should drain out the water and refill it.
    While draining it via tubing, I’m wondering how heavy it could be, especially if I drain half of the water out. This would be a good time to move the urn. I’ve been wanting to do this, especially since the summer sun is so hot! Takes about an hour to drain the water 1/2 way. Now to move this urn….Boy it’s still heavy, hmmm, less than 10 feet and one 6 inch step. I can do it, “I am woman hear me roar…”. Okay it’s heavy, put some pipe under it to semi roll it, roll, move pipe, roll. Wow that took about 1/2 hour. Now, facing the step… thinking, thinking…. how ’bout some pieces of wood to make it higher, maybe then I can lift it up and pull it into place. Boy this thing is heavy, lift, push the wood into place with my foot, lift, push it close… After another 1/2 hour of this, I finally got it high enough to lift it to the height of the step and pull it onto the concrete. Wooohoo, got it into place. Now to fill the thing up with water, and admire the fishes and water lilies. That took another 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning up, filling the water, and fine tuning the location.

    After almost 3 hours, I hope these fishes and water lilies know what I do for them!

    This is where it was.

    New home.

  • sandy 6:10 am on August 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    I was intrigued by this Fairycake wagon that… 

    I was intrigued by this Fairycake wagon that I found on Facebook. So when I read that they were going to be on the road on Monday, I had to go and check it out. The wagon is easy to spot, they go different places everyday and you have to check their facebook post to see where.

    I started off wanting to try some cakepops, not too expensive and just enough to have a taste I think it went for 2.00. But alas, no cakepops that day, only Whoopie Pies, and killer monster brownies. The brownies were like chewy blonde brownies. The whoopie pies were 2 pieces of cake with filling in the middle. They were good, not wonderfully good, but the brownies were a dream.

    I ate half the brownie and saved the rest to take home for the gang. I still want to get some cakepops. Will have to wait till I find them again.

  • sandy 10:53 pm on August 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Thought I’d make a fast project that’s so… 

    Thought I’d make a fast project, that’s so I thought. Took about 3 hours to make, first understanding the instructions ( ), and then the hand sewing part. I saw this on Craft Passion,, and was so intrigued that I had to try it. Simple ingredients, 20″ each of 2 different ribbons and zipper. The corners were a bit hard to maneuver but it’s kinda cute. This is what it looks like open.

  • sandy 7:34 am on August 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Family vacation, too bad, so sad, it’s over. :( 

    So, the family reunion that a bunch of my cousins were planning is over.  Just like a wedding, so much hype going into it, getting everything ready like the menu, favors, slide show, emcee (yay, Steph Lum!), and even a caravan to visit sights, and door prizes.  All done now.  It was amazing!

    First thing we did and we always do when going to Maui is get some sherbert from GuriGuri.  So ono!  We went there a total of 3 times!  Ahhh, better then shave ice, watch out for the brain freeze!

    Part of the caravan stops was the Tedeshi Vineyards.  They have a vine tasting room, yummy, for free( adults only), and a beautiful walking path.  On the way to the restroom is this arbor with Jade Vines and flowers drooping down.  The color is so intense, I had to inspect it for a reality check!  Yep, real alright.  Such a beautifl place, upcountry is so peaceful!

    Another place we visited was the Alii Lavender Farms.  At first I didn’t think it would be a great place to go, see some plants, visit the gift shop, is that all?  We went there, and the tours are optional, visiting the gift shop was so rejuvinating.  We sat there on the patio, and watched the Kula mist come in and out, drank some lavender tea, ate some scones, and just sat and relaxed.  They didn’t pressure you to buy anything, just to enjoy the place.  I loved it!  Even the men loved the smell (I think it relaxed them!).  There was even a fun part, they have daily treasure hunts, Kawika and Dawn did it and came back laughing and sweating, turned in their forms and got free lavender cookies.  This is a must see and experience when going to Maui!

    The next day we took the kids to go on an ATV ride. While waiting for them to come back (2 1/2 hours)  We went to the shopping malls (although it didn’t open till 9:30 and since we had to drop them off at 8am) and it was closed.  We talked to a local there for good places for breakfast and he recommended a place close to the ocean, a couple of blocks away, behind the shopping center.  The place was Aloha Mix Plate, by the name, we though we were looking for a take out place, we found and nice open air cafe/bar with warm employees and a yummy kalua pig hash patty.  That’s the photo of hubby eating breakfast.  We ate breakfast, listened to the waves, read paper and just had a peaceful breakfast.

    Next couple of photos is just upcountry Kula, when we visited the property that our Grandma used to live at.  It brought back so many good memories and my cousins lamented on not having enough money to buy the property when my uncle sold it.  We didn’t have jobs anyway, but still lamented on it.  A group climbed the fence to the pasture and visited the old ruins of our Grandparents first house.  It’s such a quiet spot and felt the chill when the fog with roll in now and then.

    The last photo is when we went to Haleakala to watch the sunset.  I was all indifferent in going to Haleakala, been there, seen that.  So I was kinda livid when they said they were going to wait 3 hours to watch the sunset.  We napped in the car, talked to a guy that was not here for the sunset but waiting for a buddy that was hiking out, that was 1 1/2 hours late and was worried by now.  After we talked to him, not 1/2 hour passed and his friend walked out, all smiling and not having a care.  The guy waiting was all mad and we calmed him down.  Then they waited another hour for the sunset.  Funny story.  But, by the time the sunset start, about 6:30pm, the sky was beautiful.  All the colors of the rainbow was there, and I even saw the famous green flash, that happens when the yellow of the sun meets the blue of the sea.  That was a greater experience then the sunrise.  That was a blessing!

    And now, back to reality and work.  Oh well, make some more money for the next trip!



  • sandy 8:37 am on July 23, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: water lily bud, waterlily flower   

    Taa Daa… 

     One afternoon, while feeding my fish, I see a little bud sticking out of the water.

    Excited, I get my camera and take this pic.

    Next day I check again and it’s longer.


    A couple of days later, it’s a full fledged flower. So beautiful!  Now I’m hooked, I love this water lily!

    I’m so neurotic now, checking everyday to see if anything will kill it. Picking out some of the snails, weeding out the dead leaves.

    Now the flower has died, and it falls limp to the side, poor flower.

    The next day I check again and look!2 more buds!

    Think I may have to search the internet again to keep my waterlily alive!

    Ahhh, love summer flowers!

  • sandy 7:33 am on July 23, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: water lily   

    Water Lily 

    The water lily plant is doing soooo well. It even came with some snails and they are doing sooo well. The leaves almost cover the surface of the bowl. It gives me so much joy to see it grow so well. I think it’s like therapy, feeding the fish everyday and sitting and watching them. I’m thinking of placing it in another location, closer to my bench. Well, that’s another project.

  • sandy 10:40 pm on July 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Sewed Lunch Bag 

    Okay so this is my version of the lunch bag from the previous post about the tutorial site. I think it’s cute but now what? And will I really use it? Guess my daughter gets another gift!

  • sandy 10:33 pm on July 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Pink Penguin: Tutorial: Lunch Bag 

    Pink Penguin: Tutorial: Lunch Bag.

    I happened upon this web site while looking for lunch bag patterns.  I’m not sure why, since I just throw my lunch in my “put everything in this bag and go to work” bag.  I saw some cute-o lunch bags with oh so cute-o fabric and since I do have tons of cute-o fabric and only want to make stuff that are cute-o fabric worthy, I decided to make this bag.  Took me about 2 days of off and on sewing but I did finish it (cheering in the background).   It’s about a 6 inch square bag and I’m not sure what to do with it.  Oh well, on to the next project.



  • sandy 4:24 pm on July 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Love those Japanese patterns, but… 


    This is another Japanese pattern that you have to look on the schematics (thats what they call it) to figure out the pattern (here: ). It started okay, ch 17, hdc in 4th ch from hook, and in nxt 16, ch 2 turn. I did this until it measured 16 inches. Then it went a little fuzzy from there, I had a hard time deciphering where what should go. So I changed to color green, decided to just sc all around, doing 1 sc in each row on the side and sc in each hdc on either end. Then putting the 2 short edges together and sc thru both. At the end of the row, ch about 44 (depends how long you want it to hang). Then sl st in the other side so it loops, sl st in each ch to the other side. Tie off and weave in ends.
    The flower is from the pattern, titled, motif. If this doesn’t make sense and you want to crochet it, drop me a line and I can write better instructions. I really like this and thought it was a pretty useful project. No?  Okay, what’s next?

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