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    Cake Pops « bakerella.com 

    Cake Pops « bakerella.com.

    Jill and I was in Ben Franklin Crafts yesterday.  We spent some time looking at a book called Cake Pops.  It looked so easy and so yummy, I’ve known some people that made it and they say it’s really yummy.  So Jill and I are going to make them, one day, anyway.  Will keep you posted when I do make them.

    Looking at the book, we happened on the site of bakerella.  This is the lady that co-wrote the book.  She’s a genius in using bits of candy to make the different faces, they are so cute!

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    Tags: crochet scrubbies, japanese crochet pattern, tawashi   

    Okay so the crochet caps project didn’t last… 

    Okay, so the crochet caps project didn’t last long. I’m still on the Japanese pattern kick and now tawashis! Little crochet scrubbies! This site has a bunch of patterns, all free but in Japanese, http://gosyo.shop.multilingualcart.com/free1.php
    And, if you can interpret the symbols from this chart:
    You too can make one like this:
    But if you can’t make out the symbols, I’ve tried to translate it into english:
    Pineapple Tawashi english
    Well I don’t think it is called a pineapple tawashi but it sure looks like one to me. So that’s why the name.

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    So, how are the water lilies doing? 

    Looks like they are doing pretty good. Repoted them with regular dirt, soaked it for a while, and propped it on another pot inside the water. The fish really seem to like it. So I think they are doing pretty good. More leaves, bigger leaves. Now have to raise the water level a little at a time. Wonder what I do when the leaves crowd the whole “pond” ?

  • sandy 3:59 pm on June 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: water lilies   

    I aquired this big urn left it in… 

    I aquired this big urn, left it in the yard for months, filled up with water from the rain, and then had to pour it out because of the mosquitos. Then I asked my mom for mosquito fish (river guppies). She always goes down to the river in the back to scoop up fish for the doggies. She’s raises them in a big bowl and puts them out a little at a time in the plastic pool outside. Her doggie (only 1 out of 3) loves to wade in it and catch the fishies. So, I asked her for some fishes and now have a bunch growing in the big pot.
    At first it was nice and clear but as the fishes were introduced, and the water plants started multiplying, the algae started growing, hence the green water.
    I asked my friend for a water plant, went to her house a while back and she wanted to give me one since I so admired the flowers. So, she gave me a water lily and now it’s growing in the urn (in a pot under the water).
    Now I’m thinking, it should not be in direct sunlight and want to move it to the concrete step next to the front door. Only thing is, it weights a ton or 2. We will have to wait for pond cleaning day and when Roger feels especailly strong! Wish I could put it in the house, now that would be cool huh?

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    Retro Fathers Day Clip-Art Labels – Martha Stewart Crafts 

    Retro Fathers Day Clip-Art Labels – Martha Stewart Crafts.

    Last year we made a similar gift for Father’s day.  We bought muchies and put these lables on them.  This was an easy gift and was a hit!  Check out the link and print the labels out.  We used double sided tape to stick the labels on the snacks.

  • sandy 7:53 am on June 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Been furiously updating since my friend Frannie commented my lack of updating my blog. I was so encouraged that someone read this that I will continue writing!

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    Thinking of slow cooking? I am 

    I saw this article in the newspaper on using the slow cooker more.
    This looks even easier than making your own laulau, which my co-worker taught me how to do.
    Take some luau leaves (raw taro leaves, washed and stem removed) and layer in the parm of your hand.
    Put in one chicken thigh, bone in, and skin on (need for the oil).
    Put in a piece of salmon (skin on).
    Sprinkle all with Hawaiian salt (or sea salt).
    Wrap up in a bundle and wrap that in foil.
    Steam in a steamer for 2-3 hours on fairly high heat, always checking the water.
    That’s it! I made some and it was so good! Threw all the skin away and it was better than store bought.
    Not sure how to get luau leaves in the mainland though.
    I think I’ll make some for my mom!
    Good eats!

  • sandy 7:40 am on June 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Free pattern hunt 

    I’m always on the hunt for free crochet patterns, and I love the japanese patterns. You have to know the symbols but basically they are all the same, usually universal. I have had success with most of them but now I found a site that has translated patterns from japanese to english. And they are so pretty. I’ve made some caps so far. Since no one I know uses crochet caps except for Jill, I’ve given them to her. Only problem is looking for the yarn or finding what is comparable, since most of my yarn is red heart. I’ve been finding Vanna’s Choice, made by Lion Brand Yarn, at Walmart and at a good price. Feels softer and the twist doesn’t unravel as fast.
    This pattern above is from the Pierrot Yarn site: http://gosyo.co.jp/english/pattern/html/pdf/cap/043.pdf
    And to understand the symbols, here is a very good site:

    This is what the cap should look like:

    I’m still looking and this is what I want to make next:

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    New job, promotion. 

    Okay, okay, I’ve been lazy at updating this blog. It seems so easy to just go on facebook and post things.
    Lets see…I got a new job. Instead of electrician for traffic signals, I now inspect construction of traffic signals. It’s not as physical but lots of reading plans, scolding contractors, watching them work, paper work, and driving around. I did gain another 5 pounds which makes me kinda depressed, not really bad depressed but dissapointed in myself kind of depressed.
    I now have to drive into town every other day (I carpool with another guy who got promoted with me). From Pearl City to town, which is 15 miles more each way. We leave 5:50am so not so much traffic. I do get to use an suv for work everyday and am on my own all day. I miss the banter with a partner and the conversations, and the eating out. Now I bring lunch, drive by myself, and sometime study plans in the car. Sounds like a lonely life but I do get to talk story to the construction workers.
    And since I am 57 (oh no!) and not actually doing electrical work, I applied for pension from the electrical union. It came up to a little less than 700 a month. And, now I don’t have to go on call all hours of the night and day. Roger likes that. And, I’m not as tired when I come home from work. I still have to find some kind of workout to do everyday. Know I have to do it but just hate it! Oh well, good change, stimulates my brain!

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